Hello everyone, I'm Vasu

I’m a web developer working for four years now. I have been working on core PHP, CodeIgniter and WordPress.

About Me

Learner and dreamer

Developing things by learning parallelly!

Programming is such a field in which practical knowledge is much more important than having theoritical knowledge. The best way to learnsome new language or framework or technique is to implement it somewhere. 

By this belief, I’ve built various websites (on different frameworks), ERPs and projects for educational purposes.

I love Programming a lot!

Work Experience

Till Now where I’ve worked

Trainer (CyberDairy Solutions)

Trained various students for different programming languages like C/C++

Web Developer (CyberDairy Solutions)

Worked as a full stack web developer majorly in core PHP and sometimes in CodeIgniter and WordPress (Depending upon the project).

Web Developer (Mag Studios / WFH)

Worked as a web developer on various ERPs. Worked in core PHP and CodeIgniter.

My Portfolio

Some of My Works